The Idea of Shop Next came to light during the Pandemic days. Before the Covid-19, like everyone else, we also engaged in Online Shopping for even the trivial needs. We would often found that the items bought online were readily available with the nearby Sellers too.  And to our surprise the prices were even competent as well. We felt the need of an application which could connect Sellers and Buyers within a locality.

A, B & C

If you have an account on Shop Next then you must be aware of A, B & C. The A stands for Ask, B for Book and C for Confirm. This simplifies the entire order mechanism and makes it easier for the Buyer and Seller to interact. 

During planning of the application we had thought of Recent, Queue and Confirm as our Tabs in place of the existing Ask, Book and Confirm tabs. Since we always emphasized that the application should be simple and easy, we thought to modify the same. We used to say that application interface should be as simple as A, B and C. Then it clicked to our mind, that C stands for Confirm, and we only needed two more dots to connect with Recent and Queue. Thus came the Ask, Book & Confirm. Simple is in't it? Not just metaphorically simple it is, but literally when you will use the application you will find the entire process to be quite simple.

We believe that the Digital platform should be accessible to all. Ensuring the same we provide our services as simple, useful and affordable so that no one remains untouched.

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This is very good initiative to promote local stores.
As far as I think It is very good for both, for the seller as well as for buyer.


26 November 2020, 10:30:32 am

Hello this is Suny, I have a small business of groceries but getting hard to sustain due to this Corona shit, but after installing this app by business grew up drastically. It's very easy to us and costs none. You can give it a try.

Suny Sharma

22 November 2020, 3:47:13 pm

i will really like to use it. It would be really helpful for the masses.


22 November 2020, 9:40:21 am



22 November 2020, 8:49:41 am

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Test User

22 November 2020, 7:31:47 am

Such a novel step of digitalizing local stores.Really appreciable.


22 November 2020, 7:31:46 am

Your idea of digitalizing local stores is appreciable.


22 November 2020, 7:27:16 am

yup its working


22 November 2020, 6:22:44 am

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22 November 2020, 6:11:15 am

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22 November 2020, 6:07:52 am

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