Power to Empower

Shop Next launches "Power to Empower" campaign, to help women Shopkeepers go Digital. Shopkeepers can easily create their account on Shop Next and bring their Store Online. .

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1 - First 100 women to complete 10 unique transcations - 100 Rupees + 20% Cashback*.

2 - Next 100 women -  20% Cashback* on Payment of Dues.

3 - Next 100 women -  10% Cashback* on Payment of Dues.

* - Cashback shall be given on Payment of Dues. The minimum amount of Dues eligible for Cashback is 100 Rupees.


To participate, the participants must satisfy the following criteria:

1 - Must be  women from the State of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand.

2 - Must own a Shop (Kirana, Vegetables, Fruits or Restaurant/Bakery.

3 - Must provide a valid Email Address for official communication.

4 - Must have completed 10 Transactions from different Buyers.

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Terms & Conditions

Published as on 30 Jan, 2021


The undermentioned terms are binding; and user participation in the campaign "Power to Empower" consents that the User agrees and confirms to the terms mentioned herein. These Terms and Conditions should be read with Terms and Conditions (App) and Privacy Policy (App) of Shop Next.


  1. The participants  represents that they will comply with this agreement and all applicable local, State, National and International laws, rules and regulations.

  2. The participants may not use the Platform if they are not competent to contract or are disqualified from doing so by any other applicable law, rule or regulation currently in force.

  3. The campaign will commence from Jan 30, 2021; and is only applicable for the State of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar & Jharkhand. All women belonging to other States or participants other than women from the State of UP, Bihar & Jharkhand are not eligible for the campaign.

  4. All such women Sellers (Store/Shop owners) belonging to the eligible States, who have downloaded the App on or after the date of commencement of the campaign and satisfying the conditions mentioned herein shall be eligible to receive the rewards under the Scheme. The various rewards under the scheme are:

    1. The First 100 women to complete 10 unique transactions shall be given 100 Rs. By Unique Transactions, it is intended that the transactions must be from 10 or more different Customers. In addition to the 100 Rs, they shall also be eligible to receive a 20% Cashback on the payment of Dues.

    2. The next 100 women to complete 10 unique transactions, shall receive a 20% cashback on payment of Dues.

    3. The next 100 women to complete 10 unique transactions, shall receive a 10% Cashback on payment of Dues.

    4. The Cashback shall be given if the minimum amount of Dues is more than 100 Rupees. If the amount of Dues paid is less than 100, no Cashback shall be initiated.


  5. The unique transactions shall be verified by Team Shop Next. The participants may be asked to submit the screenshots for validation of the transactions. Failure to provide so may lead to the disqualification of such Participant. In case of discrepancies in the claims of Participant, the candidature of the said participant may be cancelled.

  6. Shop Next will disburse 100 Rupees to the PhonePe/Google pay or Paytm Account of the Participants. The Participants must furnish correct account details for transfer of the Payment. Shop Next shall not be liable in case the details provided by the Participants are not correct.

    1. The First 100 women to complete 10 unique transactions shall only be given 100 rupees; in addition to that they shall also receive a 20% Cashback on the Dues paid by them.

    2. All other participants shall be eligible for Cashback under respective categories. No Cash reward is applicable to them.

  7. The Participants of the Scheme shall mandatorily provide the following, failure to do so may lead to disqualification from the campaign:

    1. A valid mail address for communication,

    2. The proof that they are registered owners of the Shop,

    3. The proof that they belong to the state of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand.

  8. A woman can only register with one account, if multiple accounts are found then such Participant shall be disqualified.

  9. All women willing to participate in the campaign must abide by, and agree to all clauses stated below. In case of any misrepresentation or incorrect declaration is provided, such participants shall indemnify Shop Next E-commerce Solutions for any such damages, direct or consequential, with respect to violations of circulars, Rules & Regulations, Bye-Laws of the concerned State Government or any such law applicable in the Union of India.



I am having a registered Shop which is run by me and the same has been listed on Shop Next Platform. I hereby agree and abide by the points mentioned herein with respect to participation in Scheme “Power to Empower”, and Operating account on Shop Next platform:


  1. I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, clauses of Shop Next and also the Terms and conditions with respect to the Scheme “Power to Empower”.

  2. I am not forbidden to do any business under the Rules, Bye-Laws and Regulations of State Government or Union government of India.

  3. I am accepting this incentive from Shop Next after performing 10 unique transactions, and such transactions are true and valid.

  4. I don’t have any prior account with Shop Next and I won’t register twice for the same scheme.

  5. I hereby declare that the above information are true and correct, and if any information is found to be false and incorrect then the same will lead to disqualification from the scheme.

  6. I agree to indemnify Shop Next and its Proprietor/agents/employees for any damages/claims that may arise from me deviating from the Rules/Bye-Laws of the State and Union Government of India, policies and procedures of Shop Next.

  7. I hereby agree that I have read, understood and agree to abide by this Policy, Shop Next Terms & Conditions (App) & Privacy Policy of Shop Next (App) available on Shop Next App & Website.

  8. I hereby understand this policy, along with these Terms & Conditions with respect to all incentives from Shop Next may be changed from time to time by Shop Next, at the sole discretion of Shop Next. Therefore at all times, I shall abide by the change in such policies and procedures of Shop Next without any objections in future.

  9. I hereby understand that Shop Next reserves all rights to withhold any such incentive, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.