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Shop Next provides simple setup without compromising the features required to run an Online Store. Not only launching Online Store is easy but running it is also super easy.

Simple Setup

Go Online without catalogue. From General Store to Medical Store or to any other Small Shops Catalogue management is a tough job. Get Online without the need to manage the Catalogue.

Easy Interface

Shop Next provides you with options easy to run and manage your Online Store. You don't need to be a tech-savvy to run and manage your Online Store.

Receive Payments

Enter your UPI details while setting up account and receive Payment directly into your linked account. We don't store your Payments. Your income goes directly into your account.

Boost Sales

Get access to hundreds of Online Customers near you. Boost your presence online and grow your Business.


Complete solution
for your Store

Shop Next provides you with all the essential tools to run your business online without any professional experience. From accounting to expanding your reach, everything at your fingertips.


No need of a Dedicated Expert

You don't need to hire an expert to run your Online business.  Shop Next's simple interface helps you manage your Online store.


Expand your customer base

Shop Next provides you option to broadcast your business. You can reach out to customers near you and promote your store.


Pay only as you grow

Shop Next doesn't charges you on your every transaction. You have to pay the fees only after completion of 100 transactions.


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